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Meredith from Fullerton, CA Asks:
Hi Ritsuko! I am a very big fan. Can I ask who you will support for the 2008 US Presidential Elections?

Ritsuko Kusanagi Answers:
Like many we were very confused on who to support until recently. We will now be supporting Barak Obama 100% because he wants to attack Pakistan.

Sabrina from Phoenix, AZ Asks:
Ritsuko when you are in America do you watch TV? What is your favorite show?

Ritsuko Kusanagi Answers:
Mitsuko and Ritsuko both enjoy Family Ties very much.

Yomi from Kyoto Asks:
Ritsuko what is the number one threat to Japan?

Ritsuko Kusanagi Answers:
George W. Bush.

Chihiro from Abenobashi Asks:

Ritsuko why do you think your first CD was not more successful in America?

Ritsuko Kusanagi Answers:
George W. Bush.

Kelli from Modesto, VA Asks:
Ritsuko I am just a college student. How can I become a Bukkake All Star?

Ritsuko Kusanagi Answers:
Attend a fraternity social and don't pay attention to who mixes your drinks.

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