Bukkake All-Stars: Japan's Oldest Jpop Duo
Do you desire to show the world that you are the biggest most number one fan of Ritsuko and Mitsuko? There is no superior way than joining the Bukkake All Stars Fan Club! Simply through 15,000¥ per each year and a signed statement that you embrace traditional Japanese values you too can be among the selected few to be inside of this club! Membership comes with many benefits!

*Your own exclusive Bukkake All Stars Fan Club Tee Shirt (S, M or XM).
*An official Bukkake All Stars arm band.
*Bukkake All Stars trinket for hanging on your hand phone.
*Quarterly updates from Ritsuko and Mitsuko about the dangers of the
Stolen GenerationAinu people.
*Randomly selected visits by President Hiroshi and his Oyaji crew.
*Many other exciting aspects!

Please send inquiries to:
Bukkake All Stars Fan Club
c/o Unicorn Harvest
10-22 Doushinji, Yaoi
Nagasaki 812-8944 Japan

Join today! Membership is exclusively limited and may reach capacity at any time.

Stolen Generation Hiroshi Nakamatz

I have been greatly honored to serve as the President of the Bukkake All Stars fan club since 2003. Under my stewardship we are entering a bold and delicious time.

Please join with me to make 2008 the year of Bukkake.
Stolen Generation
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